Cochlear Advertising

The Challenge

Cochlear joined Intentional with an ever increasing Cost Per Lead that had removed their ability to invest in the full funnel.

With a strict global mandate to maintain a 70% investment in Conversion based activity.

Coupled with an even tighter demographic targeting to 60+ audience that increases the pressure on frequency and messaging rotations.

The Strategy

To begin, Intentional had to get the CPL back under control. Through Facebook Lead Generation and Google Search campaigns.

A complete restructuring of the existing campaigns that reduced the number of ad account campaigns, while increasing the audience & creative testing available.

Once this was under control we expanded the brand reach through Video Beta, Efficient Reach on YouTube, Performance Max and a Programmatic media plan.


Increase in Leads


Increase in Web Traffic

The Results

Cochlear reached their lead target for FY22, while having record Video and Website Views for the brand through top of funnel activity. This has enabled FY23 to maintain an always on full funnel approach.