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The Challenge

LIke all global hierarchies, one of the greatest challenges on this brief was simply the number of inputs that was required to weave through in order to bring the campaigns to life.

It was decided to test a localised Holiday message for FOREO Australia, given the Winter style and context to the major global brand position. A fresher concept was developed for Australia.

The Strategy

Leaning on the Brighter Skin and Glow Skin trends, the brand created localised gift sets that highlighted those key consumer need states through the product.

Intentional worked with their in-house team to produce a range of creative, that still focussed on the global set initiative of self-gifting.


Beat Q4 Sales Budgets


% Localised Ads Conversions in Q4

The Results

Fascinatingly, the actual gift sets themselves did not have a huge increase in performance.

However, the individual products making up the gift sets saw huge spikes smashing the 2020 sales budget by 97% for Australia. 

Overall showing the impact of presenting the brand in a localised format cuts through.

Their knowledge of the industry, action orientation, and ability to execute has been impressive.

— Ash Chan, eCommerce Manager