The Challenge

Kleenheat was facing an issue of larger spending competitors trying to undercut them in order to take marketshare. There was also an overly complicated account structure that was holding the account back from reaching its fullest potential.

The Strategy

The major objective was to modernise the account structure without sacrificing performance. We use the out of peak season to restructure to a best practice approach.

The biggest shift was leaving behind a single campaign/SKAG strategy, this resulted in pausing 30+ campaigns that were high performing, to simplify into an Alpha/Beta strategy.

Compounding this was the change in how keywords would show in search, meaning the 7 year old Negative Lists were now causing harm to performance. An audit of over 1000 negative keywords, required removal or refinement into 10 negative keyword lists.


Increase in Revenue


Improvement to ROI

The Results

– Over a 6 month period (Nov 21 to Apr 22 vs May 21 to Oct 21), we increased Value by 30%, increased ROAS by 57%, decreased Cost by 17% on a mature account ($1M spend/year) during the slow season

– YoY results over a 6 month period (Nov 21 to Apr 22 vs Nov 20 to Apr 21), we increased Value by 65%, ROAS by 49% while Cost increased by 11%

Intentional utilises their relevant experiences and their strong command of marketing best practices in order to deliver effective strategies focused on growing the client’s business.

— P Hetti, Kleenheat