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The Challenge

Knog like many Gold Design and Red Dot award winners, put their creative and audience ahead of do-at-all cost results.

They wanted to utilise Facebook & Instagram Advertising to grow their online revenue, but were not prepared to sacrifice brand quality.

Further, the Knog brand has been synonymous with the Fixie-bike community so utilising this passionate fan base to deliver results was critical on the Cycling side. Yet at the same point needing to split their Outdoor audiences.

The Strategy

We utilised Facebook & Instagram advertising interests and behaviours to create a set of affinity audiences for the brands.

Cycling built from Fixed Gear bike brands, alongside a broad Cycling interest. While Outdoor built from the world’s most popular outdoor brands and retailers, alongside a broader Camping interest.

Meanwhile we tested a range of Creative options with a blend of Gifs, Statics, DPAs and Collection Ads.


Increase in ROAS over 12 months


Addressable audience reached

The Results

Intentional has doubled the budget and Increased ROAS to 8.22x (from 3.7x) which resulted in a total Revenue from ads increase of $600k

At Knog we’re obsessed with making innovative, best-in-class products. Intentional obsess about delivering best-in-class social advertising results.

— Clem Robin, Digital Marketing Manager