Le Rose Advertising

The Challenge

During the 2020 and 2021 lockdowns, Le Rose was forced to pivot digital advertising efforts towards their lounge & sleepwear.
With the opening of key pockets able to hold events again, we required to remain dynamic in our opening of previous best performing creative & campaigns.

The Strategy

A gradual rollout was applied to the regions globally that were available for weddings. We remained agnostic to which location would deliver the best returns.

Early in the year this was Australia, with the backlog of upheld weddings delivering a bumper start during the core September – January wedding peak window.

However, it was the incredible strength of the USA full funnel activity that saw February to June set new record months.


Return on Investment


Increase in Revenue

The Results

Le Rose finished FY22 with their best results ever for the business, reaching $5 million in direct to consumer sales.  More than doubling the total FY21 result for Revenue.


Further the USA store outperformed AU in June 2022 for the first time.

“Intentional have continued to grow our online sales YoY at exponential rates. We are so thankful to have a partner who chooses to understand our business & customer, using that insight to do what they do best”

– Kristy Breed, Le Rose Stories