orbitkey key organiser
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The Challenge

Orbitkey’s initial brief for this campaign was a short term goal to maximise Google Brand search spend across their 3 key regions of Australia, USA and UK/Europe. With a deep set of retailers globally bidding on brand terms, the existing setup was limited to defending brand terms only with retailers becoming more aggressive and Orbitkey’s costs increasing / profits decreasing.

The Strategy

Phase One: Less But Better brand campaigns
We simplified the Brand Campaigns into human language. Rather than the PPC Specialists standard setup of; Exact, Broad and BMM.

We saw the differing intent of searches was divided between:
Orbitkey (brand only)
Orbitkey Reviews / Discount Code
Brand + Product

This allowed us to tick two boxes that were intertwined to improve results:
Fewer campaigns, optimised in a single Campaign budget to maximise Profit on Ad Spend
More human led language Ad Groups + Ad Copy
Orbitkey brand name as the original Key Organiser was.


ROAS with double budgets!


Revenue Increase

The Results

Intentional has doubled the budget and Increased ROAS to 8.22x (from 3.7x) which resulted in a total Revenue from ads increase of $600k

As a brand that heroes intentional living, we love the intentional approach to our digital ad campaigns. If you want an agency focussed on feeding your winners, and a desire to remove all other distractions apart from growing your brand. I recommend Intentional.

— Rex Kuo, Orbitkey