11. #60-Fine

The Challenge

The consumer promotion handbook would tell you to source a fantastic major prize and use your brand/product for minor prizes. Without budget for huge major prizes and needing to promote across borders in very different market conditions, we needed a strategy that was cost effective & repeatable.

The Strategy

We pushed back and used the Product as the prize – the view being that any emails captured from new audiences, would be those who are interested in the brand/product thus maximising the investment and minimising waste.

We collected bonus entries from those providing feedback on the brand – and these insights have now been used in follow up ad campaigns.


Cost per entry


ROI in 90 days post competition


Less than unsubscribe rate

The Results

Absolutely blowing us and the client away, we secured email entrants at an average of $0.31.

Even more remarkable was that almost 2% of those who entered bought a Halo in the next 30 days, making the total activity pay for itself 7x over!

Since then the client has continued to run these competitions on a regular basis.

Intentional’s results oriented, no-fuss approach to digital advertising is a perfect match for Sitting Pretty.

— Logan Merrick, Sitting Pretty