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The Challenge

With many products being available in leading supermarkets, Thankyou needed to develop a digital advertising strategy that could show total brand awareness growth coupled with meeting new direct to consumer goals.

The Strategy

Splitting out each key FMCG category of Personal Care, Nappies, Baby Care & Gifts; we built a Full Funnel online campaign approach.
We start with Awareness advertising reaching new audiences through Video Ads. Those who watched the videos are then shown specific Product Ads per category. Finally giving consumers the opportunity to Buy Online or find the closest retailer. Those consumers who demonstrated purchase intent, were Retargeted with a specific Buy Online message.


YoY Revenue Growth


Nappies and Babycare


Personal Care Gift Sets

The Results

The total campaign achieved a 2.2x ROAS across all categories. However, within these campaigns we had hugely successful categories with Gift Sets at 4x & Nappies at 8x. Highlighting the exclusive nature of these products representing the best opportunities to split the online store focus vs total brand for future campaigns.

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We absolutely love working with Intentional! We are so thankful for the work they’ve done to set up our digital advertising strategy