Would you set a fox to guard the henhouse?

If you’ve been using Facebook and solely relying on their data to optimise, then this is what you’ve actually allowed.

Facebook came under fire yet again with their recent admission that they have again been overstating

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Its easy to learn the ‘3 steps to …’ or the ‘5 keys to …’ <insert_lesson_here>.

Its easy to learn the ‘how’ yet never know the reason ‘why’.

The problem is that as the rate of change of learning and technology

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What is value? A thing becomes valuable when we perceive we are getting more from it than what we are giving for it. The greater the difference, the greater the value.

Arbitrage exists when information in one market can be used to your advantage in another market before the general public are aware of the imbalance.

Arbitrage is perhaps most famously used by stock market and currency traders as they make advantageous trades based on the

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