Intentional is a Clicks and Mortar digital advertising agency specialist

Our core focus is for Fashion, Design & Impact brands. We manage digital advertising channels across Google & Facebook.

Intentional is a certified Google Premier Partner & Facebook Marketing PRO. Providing our clients access to exclusive private Beta’s, before release to the general public. For that reason we are able to provide positive results consistently for our clients.

Read our client case studies on this page.

Clicks & Mortar Advertising Agency who do One Thing Well

At Intentional, what we do, is as important to what we say no to. Especially, given the wide scope of what is available to do in digital marketing.

Intentional are a Clicks and Mortar specialist for paid advertising alone. We can’t help with SEO, Website Development, Email Marketing, Community Management, Analytics or Content Plans. However, we can introduce you to other specialist agencies, each who have dedicated their time to do one thing well in these areas.

While the specialist approach is not for all. Over 50% of Intentional clients have been working with us for 5+ years.

Like choosing to shop at a butcher, fruit shop or baker over a chain-supermarket, our clients choose expertise & quality over convenience.

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