August 27, 2015

Modern Elders

Hotelier, Chip Conley, is perhaps best known for his TED talk on Measuring what makes life worthwhile.

Recently he posted his thoughts on being a Modern Elder in today’s age where we (western society) really don’t have rituals or rites of passage.

As Head of Global Hospitality and Strategy for AirBnB, he commissioned research to explore how AirBnB offers its 60+ year old hosts a new way of life – essentially being the conduit for their promotion up Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs towards Self-Actualisation as a Modern Elder:

How AirBnB promotes its 60+ year old hosts up Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Chip Conley, himself a Modern Elder, is actively involved in furthering a platform that allows others to also become Modern Elders.

The opportunity that the Connection Economy gives, is for brands over time to take fans on a journey of becoming.

A Call to Action is good.

A Call to Actualisation is best.

Modern Elders
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