Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy is often used to describe the latest trend happening on a platform. In our history we have heard everything from Digital First, Content is King, Mobile First and now AI first as strategic pillars. Since 2011, we have chosen to believe that while the platforms may have changed, the role of advertising has not.

So when we think of Digital Strategy, we do not think it departs from the best Marketing Strategies. What a digital strategy does afford you is the opportunity to utilise the best of the platforms, technology, creative and data to improve your overall Brand performance.

We believe in measuring effective strategy against performance. However, we are an advertising agency, not an engineering one. Our goal is to guide your brand to reach your Mission. The temptation is to focus only on the daily & monthly grind of reviewing, optimising and improving granular campaigns.

We believe the key is to say what only you can say at all stages of the funnel. Utilising digital advertising channels & creative to communicate ideas for positioning (not gaming the latest hack.)

Ultimately, it comes back to the Marketing Funnel. And we believe the best digital strategies acknowledge this. Creating digital advertising campaigns for each stage of the marketing funnel; Awareness, Consideration, Decision & Retention.

You can view how each of SEM, Social Advertising, Video Advertising & Shopping uniquely work in the Intentional Funnel via the individual channel pages in the menu.

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You can’t be good at everything and be a champion at one thing all at the same time. You must choose.

– Arnold Schwarzenegger