Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Intentional made their start on SEM. Launching with Google Adwords in 2011. Today we offer SEM across Google Ads and Bing Ads. We are a Google Premier Partner, ensuring our team are certified and show continual growth on clients accounts year after year.

Google still holds dominance in Australia with a 92%+ market share of Search with the remainder going to Bing.  The same does not hold true of the US market where Bing accounts for a *much* larger 32.6% share of Search making Google far less of a monopoly. Both Google and Bing attract different demographics, so both Channels are useful platforms for advertising. Bing has been the sleeper hit of the past 12 months, growing 23% year on year in the US – for the first time giving Google a run for its money.


Where is SEM in the Funnel?

Interest, Consideration & Decision

By definition, when potential customers use Search, they have self-identified that they’ve moved out of ‘Awareness’ and are now in ‘Interest’ mode. Both Adwords Search and Bing (incorporating Yahoo) can capture people anywhere from Interest, right through to Decision.


What’s the biggest mistake in SEM we see?

The largest barrier to Growth we see in Search accounts is structure, read our post on Single Keyword Ad Groups for more info.


A billion hours ago, Homo Sapiens emerged. A billion minutes ago, Christianity began. A billion seconds ago, the IBM personal computer was released. A billion Google searches ago… was this morning

– Hal Varian, Chief Economist, Google