Not only is YouTube the second biggest social network in Australia with 14.5m users – it is also the second largest search engine after Google itself. The combination of these two facts along with the marrying of Google website cookie data and Google property logins, means that targeting on YouTube can be extremely sophisticated, once again blurring the traditional lines between Search and Display.

YouTube is a space to watch as over the last 18 months, the site has successfully transformed from a video hosting platform to a legitimate social network allowing facebook like targeting of video watchers, subscribers and lookalikes with Google proudly declaring the average viewing time on youtube per session now being a whopping 40 minutes.

Finally, Google have also diverted a lot of internal resources to work on making ‘YouTube for performance’, to give Search-like ROI to YouTube advertisers.

Where in the Funnel: Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Decision, Retention

Find a parade and get in front of it

– Caterina Fake