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Facebook & Instagram Ads?

Facebook and Instagram allow you to place your business right in front of your perfect audience, who are already spending their time on these platforms. However, organic posting just won’t get you the reach you’re looking for in 2021, and you can’t control which posts your followers will see. Facebook lets you control that with its advanced targeting, and even further, with advanced retargeting.

The Power of Facebook & Instagram Ads

in Your Strategy

Facebook & Instagram combine five targeting ‘x factors’ for advertisers: People (not cookie) basis, social graph, self declared interests, 1st party data matching and 3rd party data partners. Because of these features, Facebook and Instagram advertising are the perfect channels to roll out your entire marketing funnel. Facebook & Instagram ads also give you a variety of creative options when it comes to putting your brand in front of the right audience. These include images, videos, carousels, collections and instant experiences. These features help you collect leads, announce sales & promotions, retarget people who were previously interested in you, and ultimately make you sales.

Intentional Guide To

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

We pride ourselves on not only being intentional in our strategies, but also on being boring! Yep, we take it back to the traditional key of advertising success: the funnel. We are certain you heard of it – Awareness, Consideration and Decision! At Intentional, we approach every campaign with the purposeful aim of capturing audiences in each of these three key stages with every piece of communication. We measure everything we do against this ACD™️ model, making sure each campaign hits hard and achieves your goals. Using advertising, we cover this through 3 tiers of campaigns — each with specific, tested messaging to expose their position vs. your brand.

What Will ACD

Do For My Brand?

ACD ensures you are not only focused on the most results-driven level in the funnel – that is – the bottom of it. It ensures you are first considering what audience are aware of your brand, which of them are considering your products and services, and finally, who is ready to buy. Not looking at the ACD funnel as a whole is like walking into a bar and expecting someone to agree to marry you the first time you meet.

Get Intentional With Your

Facebook Advertising

Use Facebook and Instagram advertising to get in front of those audiences and expand your reach even beyond them. At Intentional we pride ourselves on intentionality itself, and doing One Thing Well. Our investment strategy supports your brand through validated short & long term objectives. We are here to reach and inspire people. We work with clients who wish to do the same. Yes we obsess about settings, algorithms and optimisation – but know they are nothing if we don’t care about copywriting, persuasion and human psychology.

To keep growing toward our potential, we have to be intentional

John C. Maxwell

Who We Work With

Start-up to
Has your brand hit a ceiling with organic marketing? Use strategic advertising to build a funnel that you can control.
Scale-up to Market Leader
Need to coordinate all your marketing activities for maximum return? Use strategic cross-channel advertising to focus your efforts and become the market leader.
National to International
Is your brand already dominating the Australian market? Great! Use tactical advertising to find, grow and convert greenfield international markets.

Our Other Services

Google Advertising
We are a Tier 1 Google Premier Partner Agency – having being included in the original Australian cohort of the global Premier Partners roll out in 2016
Programmatic Advertising
Expand your influence beyond Google & Facebook networks whilst incorporating first party data and/or make use of sophisticated ad serving technology.

What’s your intention?

Whatever change you’re looking to make, we’re here to help convert your Brand’s full potential online.