Why Facebook Ads?

Facebook advertising changed the game for eCommerce brands. Providing a scaleable platform to increase sales and brand awareness globally. With the shifting landscape of iOS updates in 2021, and further hits to the targeting options in 2022, answering the question Why advertise on Facebook has changed.

For many eCommerce brands the Facebook and Instagram Advertising return on ad spend (ROAS) has taken a battering. With most brands in Tech/Lifestyle, Sports & Outdoor, Health & Medical witnessing a 40-60% decrease in reportable revenue.

And yet Facebook Advertising still presents an enormous opportunity to utilise a Full Funnel strategy that SEM ads cannot. Equally the emerging social media advertising platforms TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest all offer reported ROAS increase, yet measuring the incremental value of these channels on your actual Shopify revenue is not yet proven.

So Facebook Advertising or
Social Media Advertising

The question then becomes how can you validate performance of Facebook Advertising vs all Social Media Advertising options?

There is a danger that you spread yourself too thin, operating on every social media advertising channel. Equally while the growth of users is on TikTok, the cross-over of users on Instagram x TikTok x Snapchat x Pinterest x YouTube is high.

The exclusive audience of any of these channels is very low.

The second danger is cannibalising your spend, while the advertising accounts show high ROAS, your Shopify Revenue remains unchanged.

Our eCommerce clients are still able to grow using Facebook & Instagram Advertising. It requires a Full Funnel mindset, that is at the heart of how Intentional looks at advertising, we call it Performance Branding.

Facebook Advertising requires a Full Funnel mindset.

Performance Branding
Facebook Ad Strategy

Performance Branding is a framework that provides a measured, test & learn philosophy through the funnel to achieve brands long and short term objectives..

The biggest impact on Facebook Advertising and iOS changes was the loss of Audience targeting and creation at each of the 3 key steps—Awareness, Consideration & Decision.

Yet with a correctly structured account it is still possible to segment your audience. If you are only using 1 or 2 of the Facebook Advertising objectives available, you are simply not using the platform effectively. And worse, it’s likely you will make these same mistakes on the next social media advertising platform you go to.

“What percentage of my budget should be going to Facebook Ads?”

Facebook Advertising Agency
How do I choose one?

Over our 6+ years of running Facebook Ad Campaigns at Intentional, we often inherit poorly structured and managed ad accounts. You name the problem and we’ve seen it! In fact, most clients who join Intentional are so tired of being messed around by agencies they are ready to move everything in house OR already did try in-housing but realised the limitations.

So how do you choose a Facebook Ad Agency.

  1. Make sure they are a Facebook (now Meta) Business Partner. Intentionl has been one since 2016 when the program launched and maintained status throughout. There’s limited regulation in our industry, to ignore any certification at all is a bad first step
  2. You own the keys to your Facebook Ad Account. If your agency owns the ad account or suggests they will start a new ad account, do not sign.
  3. Client Testimonials, not only Case Studies or Awards. Request to speak with past clients, the same you would in requesting a reference check on an employee.
  4. Proven Experience in your Niche. The complexity of the ad accounts has increased substainlly, while Intentional only specialise in digital advertising. We felt the need to specialise further to Tech & Lifestyle, Sport & Outdoor, Health & Medical brands. It helps these are the most intentional brands!
  5.  Strategy first. If every brand can target the same customer, then what will set your ads apart from the next? Don’t be in a rush to sign onto a 12 month direct debit, instead we recommend to invest in the Strategy first.

So, let’s get intentional about Facebook

Use Facebook and Instagram advertising to get in front of those audiences and expand your reach even beyond them. At Intentional we pride ourselves on doing one thing well.

Our investment strategy supports your brand through validated short & long term objectives. We’re here to reach and inspire people, and we work with clients who wish to do the same. Sure we obsess about settings, algorithms and optimisation – but we know those are nothing if we don’t care about copywriting, persuasion and human psychology.