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PPC Advertising?

Google Search, otherwise known as Pay-Per-Click Advertising, allows you to show up for prospective customers who are already searching for a product or service like yours. It allows you to be present in those high-intent moments. This ensures you are in control of getting both qualified traffic to your website, as well as brand awareness. It’s only when you show up for your customers that they know about your brand. You can make PPC a priority today!

Intentional Guide To

PPC Advertising

When it comes to PPC Advertising, Intentional follows the ACD (Awareness, Consideration, Decision) model, an audience-first approach to your digital campaigns. Most Digital Advertising campaigns focus on the Brand’s goals for Top or Bottom of Funnel metrics alone. But every brand has consumers at each stage of the marketing funnel. We cover this through 3 tiers of campaigns — each with specific, tested messaging to expose their position vs. your brand.

What Does ACD

Do For My Brand?

ACD ensures you are not solely focused on the most results-driven level in the funnel – that is – the bottom of it. It ensures you are first considering what audience are aware of your brand, which of them are considering your products and services, and finally, who is ready to buy. Not looking at the ACD funnel as a whole is like walking into a bar and expecting someone to agree to marry you the first time you meet. You have to do the work from the ToF and let your audience get to know you first, even when it doesn’t (and it won’t) result in direct and/or quick ROAS.

Get Intentional With Your

PPC Advertising

Intentional’s monthly budgets are always determined by the previous months’ performance and scope. We work with you on your next 3 months objective and set a budget range, any results which indicate we can spend at a higher daily rate will be communicated and approved by you before commencing. We are platform-neutral and are not incentivised by anyone to recommend for you to spend more on one channel over the other. Either our advertising meets your business objectives – or we don’t eat.

To keep growing toward our potential, we have to be intentional

John C. Maxwell

Who We Work With

Start-up to
Has your brand hit a ceiling with organic marketing? Use strategic advertising to build a funnel that you can control.
Scale-up to Market Leader
Need to coordinate all your marketing activities for maximum return? Use strategic cross-channel advertising to focus your efforts and become the market leader.
National to International
Is your brand already dominating the Australian market? Great! Use tactical advertising to find, grow and convert greenfield international markets.

Our Other Services

Facebook Advertising
Intentional are a certified Facebook Advertising Agency – having being included in the original Australian cohort of the global Facebook Marketing Partner PRO roll out in 2018.
Programmatic Advertising
Expand your influence beyond Google & Facebook networks whilst incorporating first party data and/or make use of sophisticated ad serving technology.

What’s your intention?

Whatever change you’re looking to make, we’re here to help convert your Brand’s full potential online.