Dear Prospective Advertiser,

There are many reasons that companies engage digital advertising consultants & agencies.

We’re not just another ‘fly by night’ digital agency.

Just as it’s important that you find the right agency to suit your needs, it’s important that we partner with the right clients to suit ours.

“Adam was instrumental in helping Canon launch a World First product in Australia creating strong adoption and ongoing momentum. – KC Lu, Senior Marketing Manager, Canon”

We build all of our Online Advertising client accounts on two, time tested principles:

  • 1) Tested Advertising Methods: Direct Response legends Claude Hopkins, John Caples and David Ogilvy devoted their careers to learning the science of influencing a prospect to take action. We don’t see the need to waste any of our client’s money reinventing this wheel.
  • 2) The Pareto Principle / 80-20 Rule: We aim and structure all client accounts so that we can identify, target and improve the 20% of causes that return 80% of your business results. By applying ‘The 80-20 Rule’ across your account we can laser focus your advertising dollars on the ‘vital few’ items that matter.

Over and above these two bedrocks, we:

  • Only performance Online Advertising accounts (Adwords Search & Display, Facebook ads, Bing Ads).
  • Only deal with accounts that we can give personal, responsive copywriting and testing attention to.
  • Listen for and feedback real time Direct Response customer insights that can lead to actionable decisions for your business. The value here to your business often pays for our services many times over.

We don’t hire uni students to inflict push button, automated, ‘black box’ software on your account (that nobody knows the algorithms to, and that break every time Google or Facebook adds a new feature).

We don’t do (and aren’t distracted by) Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing or the latest shiny new object.

More specifically, our services are best suited to Brands that have:

  • … Products or Services that have (or can create) clear Unique Selling Propositions, and
  • … Monthly Advertising spends of at least USD $6,000 per month

Can we work together?

If you think we sound like a fit, then you can do one of two things:

1. Email us a Brief

If you are an existing Adwords advertiser, summarise the current state of your Adwords account and let us know your Number One Adwords problem, challenge or frustration that, in an ideal world, you would like to see rectified. Click here to email us your brief.

New advertisers to Adwords will also get a $100 Adwords promotional credit to kick start your online campaigns. Be sure to mention this in your email to us.

For several years I considered myself to be an Adwords expert. After hiring Adam, he suggested my Adwords campaigns needed re-structuring and pointed out several important, new features in Adwords that I didn’t know about. As a result, my sales have increased by 19.3% within 8 weeks of implementation. Google Adwords has become a full time job but it requires a highly skilled expert who understands the art factor. Adam has ALL of these skills and is miles ahead of the game. – Jimmy Crangle, CEO, World TEFL Association

Find out your 80-20 Adwords opportunities!
Email us your Adwords brief today.Contact us: or 0412 846 023

2. Adwords Audit

An Adwords Audit is a snapshot of your Adwords account with an 80/20 list of recommendations – in plain English.

There are several great reasons to put your Adwords account through an independent Audit, some of which include:

  • Getting out of a rut performancing the same keywords/copy for minimal gains,
  • Losing track of all of the recent Adwords innovations,
  • Keeping your current Search Marketing agency honest,
  • Or simply wanting a one-time, independent ‘State of the Adwords’ address to put your mind at rest that you’re squeezing all the performance that you can…

We perform Adwords Audits as a matter of course for every new Adwords account we inherit. Time after time, customers tell us that the Adwords Audit has provided the most valuable insights into their account, their customers and more importantly, future marketing direction and possibilities.

This feedback helped us to realised that the Adwords Audit is a valuable service in its own right.

In the time we’ve worked with Adam and his team not only have we seen great results but also have enjoyed excellent service, a can-do attitude and huge depth in knowledge and expertise. Combined with a definite finger on the pulse of anything Adwords related, I’d highly recommend Adam and his team. – Chris Chapman, Digital Supervisor, Kleenheat Gas, Wesfarmers Group

Purchase Adwords Audit for Account Ad Spend:

What you get from an Adwords Audit

The Adwords Audit is an 80/20 Snapshot of your account in plain English.

Adwords can soak up as much time as you are willing to give it – there is always something that can be improved. The trick is in knowing which things to improve.

Our Adwords Audit focusses on the top 20% of improvement opportunities that your Adwords account has, that if addressed, will provide a disproportionate 80% return, as per the 80/20 rule.

Your Adwords Audit Give You:

  • A private, password protected Youtube video (typically of around 30 minutes duration) with private link, which is
  • A screen recording of us walking you through your Adwords Account and highlighting the biggest areas of opportunity
  • A list of recommendations focussing on the top 20% of opportunities that will provide a disproportionate 80% return for your efforts

How it works:

  • You purchase the Adwords Audit
  • We discuss your Company/Products/Services/Customers and Adwords goals with you over a phone call/skype session
  • You send us your Google Adwords Client ID which we add, with your approval, to our Adwords My Client Center (MCC)
  • (Optional) You add us as users to your Google Analytics account
  • We analyse your Adwords (& Analytics) account, evaluating the performance as per your stated goals
  • We do a video screen recording of us walking you through our findings and top 80/20 recommendations
  • We upload the video screen recording as a private, password-protected Youtube video
  • We send you an email with a summary of our top 80/20 recommendations and a link and password to your private Youtube video
  • You remove us from your Adwords/Analytics account/s
  • You can watch the video as many times as you like at a time convenient to you – and you can pass it on to as many stakeholders as you like. This video is yours.
  • That’s it. There are no further obligations. You are free to act on the recommendations yourself, contract them out to another agency, or have us perform the work for you. The choice is yours.

Adam was instrumental in helping Canon launch a world’s first product in Australia creating strong adoption and ongoing momentum. He has well rounded creative and commercial skills that creates best practice marketing in an ever evolving world of marketing. – KC Lu, Senior Marketing Manager, Canon Australia

Purchase Adwords Audit for Account Ad Spend:

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(As an aside, we have never had to refund any money).

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