We hope that you found our previous discussion in Week 2 valuable and you were able to utilize some of the insights we have gathered to help you get through the weeks ahead.

If you haven’t had the chance to watch what we covered in Week 2, click here.

In Week 3, Chris and Adam continue their discussion on Advertising in the time of Coronavirus. Another 7 days, another more stringent Stage of lockdowns but balanced with the Australian government digging deeper to offer Stimulus packages for Employers and therefore keep Employees in jobs.

  • What further effect has this had on online advertising in the last 7 days?
  • What have Brands done globally in these last 7 days?
  • How can Brands respond in these next 7 days?

Continue reading to have these questions and more answered.

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Where are we at now? 

In the last 7 days, we have seen an escalation to stage 3 lockdown. This means more people are finding themselves working from home and unable to go about their usual daily lives. Government Stimulus packages and also add-ons like the ‘Job Keeper” package have helped businesses and employees to continue work, as usual, giving everyone a lot more breathing room.

We believe that we are still in the phase of reacting, however the initial shock has for the most part started to pass. Now we can expect the recovery phase to slowly begin across accounts and industries.

  • Desktop is Back!
    • Watch for device shifts
    • Better, more thorough research
    • The Potential drop in CPCs
  • Algorithms upset by COVID
    • Potential to go back to Manual
    • Watch for conversion volumes at each stage in your Marketing Funnel
  • Google
    • Suppressing ads for anything containing COVID/Coronavirus. Or leading to LPs that propose to offer solutions.
    • Causing a problem for News Media – estimated $50m US lost in next 3 months
    • Offering free Impressions for WHO
  • Impressions Up
    • Stockpilling done
    • Teleconferencing/WFH still strong
    • Online Games, Poker
    • Creative Arts – painting, guitar, sewing, cooking
    • Wills
  • Impressions Down
    • Person Care – perfume, makeup, deodorant, toothbrush
    • Alarm Clocks, ties, heels, belts
    • AirBnB
  • Volume = new normal?
    • Self isolation + WFM
    • More online traffic = More inventory
  • CPMs (Cost Per 1,000 Impressions)
    • Top of Funnel: CPMs down by up to 50%
    • MoF: CPMs down, Conv Rate down
    • BoF: CPMs down, Conv Rate down
  • Algorithm upset by CV
    • Potential to go back to Manual
    • Watch for conversion volumes at each stage in your Marketing Funnel
  • Production
    • Limit of 2 person is stopping all production
    • Move to Stills/Stock production

What are brands doing?

In the last 7 days, we are seeing Brands starting to ask more questions towards targeting, creatives, messaging, and also policies. Not sure how to get started?

COVID Creative: Housekeeping
  • Ask yourself, “Is this campaign right in a local market given the current context?
  • Are all of the creative elements – tone, copy, visuals, keywords, placements – appropriate and relevant to this new reality?
  • Welcome Bar: Share how your business is STILL doing business during COVID-19. Where/how might customers be affected? Be clear on delivery. Also share about Health & Safety initiatives – even now on packing.
  • Share your return policy
COVID Creative: Research
  • “Memes and selfies are normally frivolous and funny but it seems that in times of crisis they morph into something different.
  • “Getting cosy and feeling safe with our pets and the people that we are close to. “
  • “People love to share images of the things that are important to them. There are a while host of “new essentials” for self-isolation that people are sharing content around”

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Freebies & Giveaways

COVID Freebies
  • Google
    • $340m in Ad Credits for SMEs
    • Terms and conditions apply
  • Facebook
    • $100m Grants for SMEs
    • Terms and conditions apply
  • Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams
  • LinkedIn Remote Learning Path
  • Adweek & IBM: Institute for Brand Marketing

We hope that you found our discussion valuable and that it has given you new ideas that you can start applying right away.

In our next discussion for Week 4, Adam and Chris continue to share their insights on Advertising in the time of Coronavirus. Click here to read more.

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How can we help?

Not many people know this but the word ‘Crisis’ in Chinese is actually made up of 2 characters, one means Danger and the other means opportunity.

Although we are going through this crisis, this current situation can force us to come up with better and more efficient processes, internal collaborations and better leaderships.

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