Conversion Rate Optimisation during Coronavirus//Co-Vids Ep. 1

In the last 7 days, Australia has moved into Stage 2 of Coronavirus lockdown, further escalating restrictions on consumers nationwide. What further effect has this had on online advertising in the last 7 days?  What have Brands done in these last 7 days?  How can Brands respond in these next 7 days? We’ll cover these questions and more.

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What has changed since COVID-19? 

As there are more eyeballs on social media and in digital, businesses and brands are more inclined to explore the potential of online advertising. However, because of this pandemic –  we are also seeing a change in behavior not only in consumers but brands and businesses as well.

In the E-commerce industry especially, there are a lot of brands that have a lot of fear and concerns about how they might get through the pandemic and are in need of a plan of action.

How to improve On-Site Messaging

Keeping your site clean is important, but achieving that balance between enough relevant messaging and promotions can be a bit tricky. Because there is so much uncertainty across industries, brands can now leverage this opportunity to relate to customers and start a more personal conversation with them.

If we had to do an audit on your site, here are a couple of things you might want to take note of to do to become more contextually relevant right now.

One thing you can do is add some empathy to your Top Thin Banner on your Homepage. For Example: “COVID-19 Response”

What can we expect on Conversion Rates?

Some industries have gone down in Conversion Rates and eventually effecting in Revenue. Categories like home activities or anything related to a family such as board games. Luxury is a category that is booming for certain product niches. Skincare or personal care products have done really well as we are seeing people becoming more aware of their health.

From a marketing point of view, if can you run a sale combined with empathy you will have a perfect offer. Yes, other brands are doing this so be creative in how you present your offer in order to stand out! Make sure to blow up your sales and empathy messages on your website, emails, and social media posts.

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Hungry for more content? In our next post, Chris continues his conversation with Adam in our 3rd Week of Advertising in the time of Coronavirus where we get a recap of where we have been and what brands can do next.

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