How to work with Algorithms

How to work with Algorithms

Understanding algorithms can be a huge obstacle for many of us, especially for those who are just getting started in digital advertising. But even with the right information, how does it all work? In our 2nd Master Class, we talk about the fundamental difference between advertising online and offline, how to work with algorithms, what is a clean ‘Line of Sight?’, and how to check your ad accounts for relevancy.

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Key takeaways

  • How to think about the two biggest platforms today, Google and Facebook.
  • When advertising online, firstly you’re in a 3-way relationship between the advertiser, the user, and the ad platform.
  • Ad platforms use an algorithm to incentivize good user experiences
  • How to keep the algorithms on these platforms happy.
  • The highest bidder does not necessarily win.
  • The algorithm is more concerned with who is the most Relevant bidder.
  • Both Google and Facebook have a Relevance Rating but they just call it different names.
  • The algorithm is trying to score each advertiser with how well they send the right message to the right person at the right time so that that person can then take their next right action.
  • We like to call this as a ‘direct’ or a ‘clean’ “line of sight” – because there should be a straight line between the original intention that the user was searching for in the original query and the landing page that they finally arrive at.
  • The level of discount or the level of tax that you pay as an advertiser is based on your Quality score or your Relevance Score.

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