Why Performance Marketing?

Every brand essentially wants one thing: performance. Whether that comes in a click, lead, sale or view, none of us would be doing what we’re doing if results weren’t the end-goal.

With a Performance Marketing strategy, you’re able to focus on and see how each dollar is spent, optimising to make that dollar work even harder for you.

You want efficient campaign results with no dollars wasted, right? Right! However, the pitfall for most Performance Marketing campaigns and agencies is that they only focus on a single tier. At Intentional, we understand the entire funnel needs to have performance in mind. (And no, that doesn’t mean running Conversion campaigns for ToFU/Cold/Awareness audiences!)

Should my brand focus on Performance Marketing?

Well, only if you want to convert your audience!

All platforms that engage with paid media have an audience that wants a specific thing at a specific time. It doesn’t pay to only know who the audiences are for each platform, but you also need to know which actions you should measure, in order to make better future decisions to convert these audiences

Every single metric—from CPMs to CPCs—form part of a bigger marketing strategy and performance objective, helping determine overall effectiveness.

Performance marketing helps you focus exactly on this. It takes into account limited budgets and big goals, and marries them together in a way that ensures you are optimising in the smartest way possible to see those results.

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“What percentage of my budget should be going to Performance Marketing?”

The Intentional method.

Intentional doesn’t just ‘set and forget’ your marketing strategy. In fact, we continuously refine the strategy to ensure that not only your overall campaign goals are considered, but also platform choices, exact budgets and your results.

We wouldn’t recommend you to spend on a specific audience if they weren’t converting. Specifically, we follow the Awareness, Consideration, Decision (ACD) model—an audience-first approach to your digital campaigns.

Most digital advertising campaigns focus on the brand’s goals for Top- or Bottom-of-Funnel metrics alone. But every brand has consumers at each stage of the marketing funnel. We cover all of these stages with through 3 tiers of campaigns — each with specific, tested messaging to expose their position vs. your brand.

So what does ACD
do for my brand?

The ACD method ensures you’re not just focusing on the most results-driven level in the funnel — that is, the bottom.

It ensures you are first considering which of your audiences are aware of your brand, which of them are considering your products and services, and finally, who is actually ready to buy.

Not implementing the whole ACD funnel is like walking into a bar and expecting someone to agree to marry you the first time you meet.

You’ve got to do the work from the Top of Funnel to let your audiences get to know you first — even when it doesn’t result in direct and/or quick ROAS.

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So, let’s get intentional with your performance marketing.

Intentional’s monthly budgets are always determined by the previous months’ performance and scope. We work with you on your next 3 months’ objective and set a budget range. Any results which indicate we can spend at a higher daily rate will be communicated and approved by you before commencing.

We are platform-neutral and are not incentivised by anyone to recommend you spend more on one channel over the other.

Either our advertising meets your business objectives — or we don’t eat.