The one bit of Ad Tech you’re probably out of date with

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If you’re doing well enough to keep up with the advances in ad tech, there’s likely one area that you’ve overlooked: Privacy Policies.

While you were Sleeping

Before you hit ‘Back’, consider all that has happened in recent times:

* Google updated their own new account T&Cs to declare to users they have dropped the wall the previously separating Google signed-in accounts and Analytics session data.

* Google Remarketing now includes stitched user data across devices thanks to this change.

* At Google’s recent Marketing Next Summit, they declared the end of last click, with their new data driven Google Attribution tool, allowing marketers greater transparency over the entire (including non-google) customer journey.

* In parallel, Facebook have been very busy incorporating their Atlas multi touch attribution ad tech, driven by Facebook user login data, into an all new feature of Business Manager to be called Advanced Measurement.

What does all this Ad up to?

Advertisers will soon have the ability to target and follow a *user* (not a cookie) across devices and channels, being measured every step of the way.

And from a user’s perspective: to an unprecedented level… of creep.

Forward planning

Users will no doubt be more and more surprised at how singularly they are being followed, and shocked at the data they thought was private. But they have unwittingly given away so they could be targeted to this level.

Before Google and Facebook’s new tools come out, it would be prudent to take the front foot, update your Privacy Policy.

Let consumers know clearly what data of theirs you use and how you’re using it to avoid nasty surprises later on. Check out the full Google policy requirements here, and the full Facebook Lead Ad policy requirements here.


Since writing this article, we ourselves chose to use a service called iubenda to dynamically generate our Privacy Policy. Essentially, you just pick and choose the digital services you use (eg. Facebook, Adwords, Analytics etc) and then iubenda automatically generates your Privacy Policy for you. Even better, if you add another service in the future (eg. Bing, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc), you simply go to your iubenda account, select your updated services, and the Privacy Policy is dynamically updated. In other words – your Privacy Policy will now keep up with your ad tech. No need to code or change your website at all. This is a no brainer that one day may even save your brand from legal trouble – go here and sign up* today.

* This is an affiliate link which will give us a tiny commission and give you a 10% discount on signup. We are a pay for service agency and aren’t here to make any significant income from affiliate marketing – we mention this product because we use it ourselves and believe in it and would recommend our clients & followers to do likewise.

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3 years ago

Awesome stuff guys. Helpful and interesting!