What is Programmatic Advertising?

The murky world of Programmatic Advertising, begins with its label. Before answering why Programmatic, we need to define what Programmatic advertising is?

Programmed Automatic Advertising, use technology platforms and ad exchanges to find segmented, targeted audiences across Publishers and Online Video platforms.

The most popular Platforms being Google Marketing Platforms DV360, The Trade Desk, StackAdapt, or Remarketing specialists Ad Roll and Criteo.

The lure of Programmatic Advertising is the promise of the old marketing maxim; right ad, right person, right time.

There is a premium paid for achieving this marketers dream. At usually a 15% Tech Fee, on top of your agencies 10-20% media fee, add in Publisher Fees/Kickbacks/Commissions and unfortunately the premium can run as high as 50% of your advertising investment. This premium coupled with the titles of those who lead programmatic discussions as ‘Traders’, causes our spidey-senses to be on alert.

The programmatic creed may be better summed up as; right person, right time, trust us.

Programmatic Advertising Today

There is a changing of the guard in digital advertising today which favours Programmatic Advertising. The social media advertising channels are facing increasing pressure on targeting options, meaning the once iron proof pixel based audiences available to advertisers are losing their efficacy and effectiveness.

The brands who succeed in digital advertising today instead are looking at cross-channel strategies to maximise their first party and third party data.

First party simply is your customers, website visitors, email subscribers. Third party data meanwhile is what is supplied by an external provider, this is where social media ad platforms especially Facebook dominated, with the Facebook pixel on every website around the world they could deliver the best audiences. Not anymore.

Instead the data companies who hook into Programmatic Advertising exchanges are becoming the strong power for any interest or psychographic based targeting for advertising.

Most advertisers in reaction to the changes on social media advertising are diversifying into more social channels, meanwhile brands who are thinking long term and strategically should be exploring Programmatic channels.

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“How much does it cost to advertise Programmatically?

Should I use Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic websites, conference talks and whitepapers filled with buzzwords that’s hard to understand exactly what they do. Further the entire concept of ‘trusting’ black box software and people with ‘trader’ as their title with marketing investments, does not sit right with an intentional mindset.

If you are exploring a move to Programmatic, or you are evaluating your current Programmatic advertising campaigns, we highly recommend to look at YouTube and Google Display Network for a baselining period first.

Our full funnel specialists can walk through with you the test audiences, placements and creative requirements to develop a baseline for future intentional Programmatic campaigns.

From this point then it’s time to evaluate the right Programmatic Demand Side Platform (DSP) which is likely to be DV360, Trade Desk or Stack Adapt.

We recommend strongly for you as a client to be involved in the DSP selection with your agency, as there are some key considerations regarding ownership, reporting and commissions.

Book a Discovery Call today to discuss your Programmatic project with an Intentional specialist.

P.s we don’t believe in ‘Trading’ your digital media, so you won’t find any trading desks, commissions or kickback structures.

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Programmatic enables a full funnel long term approach for your brands growth

Time To Get Intentional about your Programmatic advertising?

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