You can’t be good at everything and be a champion at one thing all at the same time. You must choose

– Arnold Schwarznegger

What we do, is as important to what we say no to.

We can’t help with SEO, Website Development, Email Marketing, Community Management, Analytics or Content Plans. We can introduce you to other specialist agencies, each who have dedicated their time to one thing well in these areas.

While the specialist approach is not for all. Over 50% of Intentional clients have been working with us for 5+ years.

Like choosing to shop at a butcher, fruit shop or baker over a chain-supermarket, these clients choose expertise & quality over convenience.



Digital Strategy

Intentional bleed advertising, it’s in our core. We believe in measuring effective strategy against performance. However, we are an advertising agency, not an engineering one.

Our goal is to guide your brand to reach your Mission. The temptation is to focus only on the daily & monthly grind of reviewing, optimising and improving granular campaigns.

We believe the key is to say what only you can say at all stages of the funnel. Utilising digital advertising channels & creative to communicate ideas for positioning (not gaming the latest hack.)

Strategy should never be confused with trends, in our history we’ve seen the following be bandied as ‘the thing’ ; Digital First, Content is King, Mobile First and now AI First. These are great philosophies & steps,  but are not Mission Critical.

Strategy is at the heart of everything we do, in practical terms this means:

  • Audience Reviews and Recommendations (detailed knowledge of who you are reaching and the impression you are making. Where else is your target market? What else is your target market doing online?)
  • Channel Agnostic Planning (without kickbacks or commissions, we can effectively plan out a 12 month media plan that chooses channels only on their ability to deliver the results you need)
  • Goal Setting and Objectives (Setting up goals for each stage of the funnel is the only true way to measure the impact your advertising is having at each stage of the funnel)
  • Acquisition vs Retention Plans (How to build and maintain relationships without message fatigue?)
  • Moonshot Program (The ultimate Brand challenge – a 12 month intensive to achieve Escape Velocity from your competitors)

If Growth is your focus for the next 12 months, we recommend reading our Before You Pay For Clicks guide


Advertising will be the same 100 years from now – the man with talent will be able to persuade and the man without, won’t

– Bill Bernbach



By definition, when potential customers use Search, they have self-identified that they’ve moved out of ‘Awareness’ and are now in ‘Interest’ mode. Both Adwords Search and Bing (incorporating Yahoo) can capture people anywhere from Interest, right through to Decision.
Google still holds dominance in Australia with a 92%+ market share of Search with the remainder going to Bing. Surprisingly the same does not hold true of the US market where Bing accounts for a *much* larger 32.6% share of Search making Google far less of a monopoly. Both Google and Bing attract different demographics, so both Channels are useful platforms for advertising. Bing has been the sleeper hit of the past 12 months, growing 23% year on year in the US – for the first time giving Google a run for its money.

Where in the Funnel: Interest, Consideration & Decision

The largest barrier to Growth we see in Search accounts is structure, read our post on Single Keyword Ad Groups for more info.


A billion hours ago, Homo Sapiens emerged. A billion minutes ago, Christianity began. A billion seconds ago, the IBM personal computer was released. A billion Google searches ago… was this morning

– Hal Varian, Chief Economist, Google



Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Since Facebook went public, Mark Zuckerberg and team have been redefining digital advertising. Facebook & Instagram combine five targeting ‘x factors’ for advertisers: People (not cookie) basis, social graph, self declared interests, 1st party data matching and 3rd party data partners. The combination of all five features means Facebook data has perhaps the most comprehensive digital user dataset for ad targeting in the world. Because of this, Facebook/Instagram targeting can be done throughout the entire marketing funnel from unawareness to decision making and even beyond to building loyalty and advocacy.

According to Facebook’s own 10 year roadmap – Facebook will become their main platform for sharing with friends, while Instagram will become their primary platform for sharing with the world. Not to mention the extensions of products like Messenger, Audience Network & maybe even WhatsApp. Facebook have been continuously experimenting with different types of ad units, and has seen incredible innovation in ‘sponsored’ content in feeds and stories.

Where in the Funnel: Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Decision, Retention

Facebook presents an incredible opportunity to grow throughout the Marketing Funnel. The challenge being to align the correct objective & creative to the relevant place a customer is in.

Request access to the Intentional Playbook for the most up to date guidance on matching these elements.


Search is advertising to a moving parade, Facebook is advertising to a standing army

– Perry Marshall



Google Display & Publisher Network

79% of time spent online is outside of Search with 90% of global users being reachable via the Google Display and/or Publisher Network for larger spending accounts. Given the innovation pipeline on Display Network – particularly around Audience Targeting, Intent based audiences and Customer Match – coupled with Google’s pivot to embrace AI and Machine Learning, means that the Display Network will still be a strong contender for years to come.  It doesn’t need to be either relegated to ‘set and forget’ publisher buys or hyper-targeted remarketing.

For Brands looking to spend less than $50,000/month on Display/Programmatic Media buying – using Google Display Network will outperform other exchanges and programmatic solutions, notwithstanding the fact that saving 10 – 20% in technology fees immediately puts you ahead.

For Brands, spending more than this we recommend exploring Double Click Bid Manager as long as a baseline has been established first via GDN.

Where in the Funnel: Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Decision, Retention

This is the most competitive ad-tech space & also the easiest to burn through cash. We strongly recommend measuring performance via a Single Source of Truth. Unfortunately, this is also the area with the highest risk of ad fraud, commissions and kickbacks. Before investing, ensure you understand the full fee breakdown, you can read Intentional’s policy on this here

Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make

– Bill Bernbach



YouTube Advertising

Not only is YouTube the second biggest social network in Australia with 14.5m users – it is also the second largest search engine after Google itself. The combination of these two facts along with the marrying of Google website cookie data and Google property logins, means that targeting on YouTube can be extremely sophisticated, once again blurring the traditional lines between Search and Display.

YouTube is a space to watch as over the last 18 months, the site has successfully transformed from a video hosting platform to a legitimate social network allowing facebook like targeting of video watchers, subscribers and lookalikes with Google proudly declaring the average viewing time on youtube per session now being a whopping 40 minutes.

Finally, Google have also diverted a lot of internal resources to work on making ‘YouTube for performance’, to give Search-like ROI to YouTube advertisers.

Where in the Funnel: Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Decision, Retention

Find a parade and get in front of it

– Caterina Fake




Shopping ads are seen as a result of consumers on Search googling for your ecommerce product or alternatively on Display Network or YouTube Ads with retargeting of abandoned Shopping Cart items. In either case, potential customers using Search or viewing your Ecommerce cart have self-identified that they’re clearly in ‘Consideration/Decision’ mode – a powerful signal. Lastly, Google have also been working hard in the last 12 months to re-tune Shopping Ad with new AI/Machine Learning capabilities to make a compelling case for the Intentional Ecommerce advertiser.

Where in the Funnel: Interest, Consideration, Decision