Social Media Advertising Today

Social Media Advertising is no longer concentrated to Facebook & Instagram Advertising alone. The dual tailwinds of iOS privacy changes and the explosion of Tik Tok Advertising; means when discussing social media advertising today it’s now a multi-channel strategy.

During 2022 many eCommerce brands begun testing new social media advertising platforms; Pinterest Ads, Snapchat Ads, Tik Tok Ads and some even exploring LinkedIn Ads.

As a social media advertising agency we see 2 different and both dangerous responses to the changing social media advertising landscape. The first is to do nothing; this looks like a continued decrease of budget on Facebook advertising in line with the dropping ROI seen from this channel OR finding new ways to attribute the performance.

The 2nd is being hyper-reactive and slashing Facebook budgets and testing on every social media platform; Tik Tok Ads, Pinterest Ads, Snapchat Ads and Instagram Ads all require specific thought, creative and audiences. For most brands you will spread yourself way too thin to get any performance gains.

How Do You Choose
Social Media Advertising Platforms?

Our recommendation is to diversify into 1-2 channels maximum, so how do you choose which social media advertising platforms to begin testing on?

The first consideration is where have you already seen some success from organic content. Do you have an older Pinterest page & boards setup that delivers some reasonable incremental traffic and conversions? Were you an early adopter or recent dabbler in TikTok and have seen some early wins?

The second consideration is what type of creative are you already producing. If you already engage influencers and produce UGC video content, than the jump towards Snapchat or Tik Tok Ads will be manageable for testing. However, if you are still operating on Facebook Advertising with mainly studio or static images, do not jump into these lo-fi production channels; instead look to Pinterest Ads.

Finally the last consideration is your budgets, as a general rule of thumb you should spend at least $100/day on each channel in order to get a minimum number of conversions over a 2-3 month period.

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Social Media Advertising requires a Full Funnel mindset.

Measuring Success for your
Social Ad Strategy

When running a single channel social media ad strategy it was relatively easy to measure performance and success, especially prior to the iOS changes that ruined the Facebook Ad Accounts ability to accurately show the impact of your advertising.

The complexity of measurement is exponentially increased when employing a multi-channel social media ad strategy. For all the growth of Tik Tok Advertising, there is a huge cross-over between Instagram and Tik Tok users. This is equally true of users saving pins on Pinterest or sharing snaps on Snapchat, the majority of consumers are multi-platform users.

The challenge it presents for advertisers is your Ad could be viewed and clicked from Instagram Ads, Tik Tok Ads and Pinterest Ads all by the same user across 7 days; all 3 platforms will stake a claim to this conversion. Plus it’s likely your Google Analytics will give the conversion to the last touchpoint, potentially a Branded search query!

At Intentional, we recommend a Performance Branding framework that views your marketing investment across the entire funnel. This provides a benchmark of spend that should happen at each tier from Awareness, Consideration to Decision. This means when testing new social media ad strategies you have an objective way to view overall performance.

Without a validated testing method you will be at the mercy of your social media ad agency or worse the ad platforms individually telling you their success. While testing is still fresh across these new channels, it does appear a trend is emerging of different social media ad platforms being best at different tiers of the funnel.

“What percentage of my budget should be going to Social Media Ads?”