“Adwords is advertising to a moving parade, Facebook is advertising to a standing army”

Perry Marshall

Just like the rest of Google, Gmail will soon be rolling out a new look-and-feel that will soon become the default for all Gmail users.

Before they roll out those changes, they have given us a sneak peak.

Lets have a look at 3 ways this new theme will affect your Gmail Center

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Single line ads in gmail: Ikea Example

Here’s an example of an advanced Adwords sniper tactic: the Single Line Gmail Ad.

Gmail ads have always been a useful Adwords sniper tactic for the simple reason that you can target keywords in people’s emails.

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Example of an Embedded Sitelink

Last week on July 7th 2011, Google announced a new Adwords format that continues the evolution of the Sitelinks Ad Extensions feature set.

Different to the regular Single-line and Multi-line Sitelinks that appear below Adwords ads, Embedded Sitelinks

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If you are advertising on Google Adwords and your Adwords Account Manager doesn't fully understand this YouTube, then you are throwing money away. Guaranteed. In all of my years in Search Engine Marketing, Online Advertising and Adwords Consulting, this is simply the best 9 minutes I've ever spent.