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Year in Review: Top Branding & Identity Posts

Today, we continue our Year in Review mini-series by looking at our most popular Branding & Identity posts for 2015 …


In a global economy, many markets and niches are approaching parity – what’s on offer by one brand is not a whole lot different to what’s on offer by others.

Now that we’re connected to brands we follow in relationship over time, personality matters.

For better or for worse, we like people who …


The test of a great song is when you can strip it right back to raw – no effects, no gloss – and it still gets you.

In the same way, if you were to strip back your brand’s effects and gloss – what are you left with?

*This* is the real reason people come to you, followed you …

For such a time as this

This is the first time in history that anyone can send a communication and have it received instantly almost anywhere on the planet and almost for free.

This is not normal…

Its been real …

When we run workshops, we ask participants to take part in a social experiment.

we ask each attendee to take out their smartphone, open up their social app of choice then hand their phone to their neighbour (typically a stranger).

We haven’t asked participants to do anything with their neighbours’ social app.

You can imagine what happens next…

“But I’m interested in so many things…”

We regularly chat with very talented, aspiring entrepreneurs and artists who are struggling to get started.

Their issue, they tell us: “is not that I don’t have any good ideas, but I have so many I don’t know which one to choose”.

In most cases, the subconscious question they’re really asking is …

The Founding Fathers

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The brilliance of The Declaration of Independence isn’t that it merely documented the ills of a repressive government the united States should be free of.

Its that the founding fathers, instead of running away from a problem, defined an …


“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”

Banksy is perhaps one of the most mysterious, yet prolific artists of our day.

His street art visual language combined with clever, subversive political & social commentary are so distinct and so recognisable…


In winemaking, no two vineyards are the same.

Each plot of land used in a vineyard has its own unique characteristics, its own Terroir.

Terroir is what gives grapes grown on each plot their own unique taste and includes elements like exposure to the sun, vicinity to water source, nutrients in the soil, surrounding trees & vegetation competing for resources, access to shade, contours of the land…

Keep your accent

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently shared that he took elocution lessons for his now famous accent.

The surprising insight, though, was that he didn’t take these lessons for the purpose of losing his accent, but for the purpose of …

The Impossible Brief

Our target audience is all males and females, in all age brackets, all over the world and we want them to take action on a campaign that we want to go viral over social media – The Impossible Brief

The Impossible Brief is actually the worst (communication) for the most (people) for the least (result to you).

By attempting to target everybody, you’re actually reaching nobody.

The Social Contract

Fashion does provide extra added value to clothing, but the additional elements exist only in people’s imaginations and beliefs. Fashion is not visual clothing but is the invisible elements included in clothing. – Yuniya Kawamurra

This post was provoked by fashion activist, Adele Varcoe

This we believe

The Apostle’s Creed has been a statement of beliefs used by the Catholic Church to rally and unite believers for centuries.

Today, your current and potential consumers deeply believe (as distinct from ‘like’) all sorts of things about themselves – and will subconsciously …

Where are we going?

Dear Brand,

Why am I following you?

Where are you taking me?

Who am I becoming as a result of following you?


Your Fan/Follower/Liker/Subscriber/Customer

Per Mission

Seth Godin prophesied 10 years ahead of his time, that in the future brands will need to earn the right to speak to their audience.

He famously called this concept Permission Marketing.

This prophecy has well and truly come to pass and most brands online have come to terms with this.

15 To-Do’s in ’15

As we launch into the New Year, here are 15 things to do, in no particular order,  to bring out your best creativity in marketing in 2015.

1. Follow

Seth Godin is the marketer’s marketer – he is the one every marketer in the world is subscribed to (or should be).

Out of the hundreds of blogs I’ve subscribed to over the years, his blog is the only one I make sure I read daily.

This Is Your Year

You are imaginative.

You are creative.

You are an artist.

Only do what only you can do

“… within a group of talented people, what separated the best from the rest was how long and…

The fastest 105m sprinter in the world

What if you were the world’s fastest one hundred and five meter sprinter? Industrial age thinking meant we…


As kids we annoyed everyone with one word (apart from ‘no’!) that we used to say over and…

The Best for the Least for the Most

Charles & Ray Eames were designers of arguably the most famous furniture of all time.

Their motto (clarifications mine) was to:

“Create the best (products) for the most (people) for the least (cost)”

Niche of Niche

Thanks to the Long Tail, going niche of niche is no longer an option The Long Tail The…

Your friends are wrong

Your friends aren’t your target market. “What will my friends think?” is the wrong question to ask. The…

Isolation vs Immersion

I did it my way – Frank Sinatra Now that we’re globally connected, its easy to get inspired…


Everything is possible to him who believes – Jesus Beliefs become thoughts. Thoughts become words. Words create worlds….

Call to Actualisation

What a man can be, he must be – Abraham Maslow Every good website needs a clear Call…