Adam Sugihto

Founder & Flight Director

Adam has ridden the web wave all the way from inception – ‘surfing the web’ using the original Mosaic Web Browser and getting his very first email address in 1994.

In 2009, he shifted from client side U/X design to start working full time consulting on the (then) burgeoning world of lead generation via blogging, SEO, paid advertising and social media – the humble beginnings of Intentional.

In a very short time, the entire online marketing space exploded and it became impossible to keep up to date with all the developments across every channel, so in 2010 the decision was made to focus on the area of greatest strength – paid advertising – and Pty Ltd was incorporated.

Since 2010, the Intentional team have driven online advertising for companies in global markets such as Paris, Tokyo, London, New York and LA; as well as being digital advisor and partner in the Australian domestic market for numerous household brands and NFPs.

Q&A with Adam Sugihto

Q: What’s your favourite Brand and why?

A: My favourite brand has changed over the years, but for many reasons, today I’d have to say its Herman Miller. Firstly I respect that after 100 years, not only are they even still around, but they’re still leaders in their craft – a testament to the strength of their brand. Secondly, Herman Miller have had some of the world’s most famous designers of all time working for them and the brand has still managed to go from strength to strength even after these designers have departed. Lastly, and perhaps even more impressively, Herman Miller have done a complete turnaround as a Brand – in the 50’s and 60’s their motto was to create furniture that was ‘The best for the most for the least’. That model was perfect for a post-war industrial scale broadcast economy but no longer works in today’s fragmented, niche of niche connection economy. With their prices being far out of reach for the average punter, they have somehow pulled off a genius bait-and-switch to now offer ‘The best for the least for the most’ – I can’t think of any other company that has been able to accomplish so much and do it so well.

Q: Favourite ad of all time?

A: I’m a huge fan of the Mad Men era (not just the TV series!) and its really hard to look past the ad that really started the creative revolution: ‘Think Small” for Volkswagen by Bill Bernbach at DDB. I love the simplicity, the challenging of the status quo, but also the brand truth all conveyed in 2 words. Pretty hard to top!

Q: Favourite ad copy/tagline

A: I’m in love with the end tagline of the ad for the latest Rolls Royce Phantom: “One of One”. It both sums up the entire ad in three simple and elegant words – and at the same time speaks to an audience who understands the uniqueness of art and exclusivity. We’ve all tried to write copy about ‘unique’ offerings – but this copy might just be some of the best.

Featherston House by Robin Boyd

Featherston House by Robin Boyd

Q: Weird Obsessions?

A: I’m obsessed with the Mid Century Modern period. I love the post-war explosion of creativity and optimistic exuberance that was felt across every industry – from art, design, fashion, advertising and architecture. I’m particularly interested in Australian Mid-Century Modernism and find I’m always learning new things about some of our own Mid-Century pioneers, my favourites including – Robin Boyd, Roy Grounds, Harry Seidler, Grant Featherston, Fred Lowen, Ellis Stones & James Northfield to name a few.

Q: Favourite Subscription?

A: Seth Godin’s blog – what else is there to say about Seth Godin that hasn’t already been said. If Seth Godin sneezes – all the brands in the world catch a cold.

Q: Favourite Books?

A: Favourite marketing book is probably The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. I love the psychology behind why some ideas spread – and others don’t. A book I come back to again and again. Both Walter Isaacsen’s ‘Steve Jobs‘ biography and Pixar’s ‘Creativity Inc‘ also come pretty close as inspiring bookends of an incredible period in digital history.

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