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Chris Fraser

Partner & Mission Director

Chris straddles either side of being a Gen X & Millennial. Spending the first period of my career client side. I was on the receiving end of a GMs efforts to meet a ‘digital adoption’ KPI, with the mysterious ‘digital’ dropped in a first for the multi-national brands I was working on.

Embracing my Millennial I took this and ran with it labelling myself the Digital Marketing Manager, growing into the shoes. The wide scope allowed me the opportunity to work across multiple brands and start finding my passion and love for the impact that digital could have.

However, frustrated at the generalist nature of my role and lack of time in strategy/ideation, I eventually found my way to Intentional in 2014 (via a Sabbatical, Man Bun and a half completed Masterchef application!)

I’m 10 years into Digital Marketing, I can finally (truthfully) talk up my expertise in the field. Heading up the Missions team at Intentional. My focus is helping to define and lead our team and clients to reach the objectives set out on our path to reach the mission.


Q&A with Chris Fraser

Q: What’s your favourite Brand and why?

A: I have a natural inclination towards fashion & sports brands. I have a lot of respect for the storytelling of Nike & Chanel, I love what Mr Porter/SUITSUPPLY have done in creating online stores with true personality. But the brand that stands above them all for me, without being a consumer focussed brand is UEFA Champions League. As a boy setting alarms for 4.45am to make sure I got to hear that anthem play, still brings goosebumps now. The exclusivity of the competition, the prestige of the stars in the logo, the identity that wraps itself into the timeless matches and players. It’s my #1.



Q: Favourite ad of all time?

A: I’ve still got my 2nd generation iPod with original packaging! I love how this campaign had so much to say, without saying a thing. The feeling they were able to embed into these ads, still resonates with me today. I still remember those days sitting on the train to uni, feeling so special with my white cable headphones too.


Q: Weird Obsessions?

A: I’ve never grown out of my love of electronic music. It’s calmed down over the years, you’ll often hear the 24/7 Anjunadeep Live Stream but come Friday it’s more likely to be the  latest AGBT or Adam Beyer podcast. I do have CDJs at home, although they rarely get a spin, I could spend hours nerding out if you’re a fan too.


Q: Favourite Subscription?

A: Seth Godin’s blog – I often tell people who are looking to start a business or after Marketing advice, to get onto his list asap. The insights I’ve got from being on his list for 5+ years, have been way more valuable than my uni degree!


Q: Favourite Books/Podcasts?

A: Favourite marketing book is Seth Godin Purple Cow. Changing the mindset from corporate marketing of ‘reasons to believe’ to finding something truly remarkable. I am loving the Masters of Scale podcast, highly recommend Peter Thiel or Flickr/Slack founder episodes.  Fiction wise, massive fan of Daniel Silva – Gabriel Allon series and my childhood idol Andre Agassi – Open is always a fantastic story.

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