The Intentional Logo
What is the Intentional Logo?

The Intentional logo is a stylised uppercase ‘Delta’ symbol. Delta is the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet. But is also the mathematical symbol for change, or more symbolically for us, difference. We see this as a symbol of both the unique difference your Brand can make to this world and the difference we make working together.

The triangular shape of the Delta symbol is also the reason River Deltas are so named. River Deltas are formed at the point where rivers enter larger bodies of water and deposit nutrient rich sediment, often becoming important agricultural production and population centers – an apt metaphor for the difference we wish to make in the journey of our clients.

Finally, the treatment applied to our stylised Delta is intended to hark back to the Post-War Mid Century Modern period. This period saw an explosion of creativity and exuberance towards technology and the future – the same way we feel about the time we are living in right now.

To keep growing toward our potential, we have to be intentional

– John Maxwell