Our Mission

PPC Advertising

The phrase ‘Pay Per Click’ (PPC Advertising) has been synonymous with online advertising. These days anyone can pay for clicks. What we’re here to do is to drive purpose behind each and every one of those clicks.

For us, Purpose Per Click is found at the heart of three specific P’s:

1. The Platform.

Online Advertising has one significant difference to all other forms of advertising – the underlying, real-time scored auction model. Because of this difference, it is no longer the advertiser with the largest pockets who dominates, but the advertiser who is the most *relevant*. It happens every day that the Purpose Driven Advertiser pays less per click *and* shows more prominently for each and every ad compared to your competitors – this levels the playing field for all participants and is the true advantage for the Intentional online advertiser. As a Google Premier Partner and Facebook Blueprint Certified Agency, we also enjoy Behind the Screens access with the major platforms to ensure every campaign we flight is fit-for-purpose.


2. People

As good as algorithms are, ultimately its people who drive change, so we also work hard to ensure that we not only hire the best people, but that each person’s role is tailored uniquely according to their strengths. We don’t just use data for advertising, but also for team building and staff development. We make use of psychometric testing partners to ensure we are hiring those fit-for-purpose and can tailor each role to the individual. This way every team member, every day is able to do more of what they enjoy and have a natural talent for – end result being your accounts are driven forward daily at peak performance.


3. Positioning

The reason we’re all here – to advertise the right message to the right person at the right time so that they take action. Getting to the right person at the right time is handled by purpose driven Platforms and People (above). The right message, however, is where most Brands fall short – the most common crime committed being Brands advertising their category instead of positioning themselves uniquely. Every impression paid for is an opportunity to position a Brand uniquely – to create a category of one in the mind of the consumer, where the advertised Brand is the only choice. The final key to fueling each and every click with purpose is uniquely better Positioning.