Growth doesn’t just happen by itself

 – John Maxwell


Our digital advertising strategies work, or we don’t exist.

Since 2011, we have focussed on doing one thing well. Growing Brands through paid digital advertising.

Our team of creatives, planners, buyers & data scientists are solely dedicated to their craft, to deliver growth via Paid Search (SEM), Display, Video & Social Advertising.

We don’t spread costs or hide performance amongst other services. Providing transparency you can see; you keep the keys to your ad account. There are no kickbacks, commissions or invites to publisher parties at your expense.

We’ve spent the last 7+ years building a strength based agency, a team we’re proud to say that has more specialists than sales people.

Our success is determined by founders, brand managers and marketers like you. Not shareholder or investor reports. Over 50% of Intentional clients have been with us for 5+ years. There’s no badge for this, but we measure our success against it.

We have been awarded the Google Premier Partner & Facebook VIP Agency badges year after year; for our optimal use of these advertising platforms to measurably grow brands from revenue to recall. However, anyone can pass an exam and hire a sales team. The hard part is creating measurable long term growth for brands, month on month, year after year.

We are an advertising agency, who love helping brands grow by putting fuel to the fire of your mission.

Read our Mission below:


Our Mission

The phrase ‘Pay Per Click’ has been synonymous with online advertising. These days anyone can pay for clicks. What we’re here to do is to drive purpose behind each and every one of those clicks.

For us, Purpose Per Click is found at the heart of three specific P’s:

  1. Platform. Online Advertising has one significant difference to all other forms of advertising – the underlying, real-time scored auction model. Because of this difference, it is no longer the advertiser with the largest pockets who dominates, but the advertiser who is the most *relevant*. It happens every day that the Purpose Driven Advertiser pays less per click *and* shows more prominently for each and every ad compared to your competitors – this levels the playing field for all participants and is the true advantage for the Intentional online advertiser. As a Google Premier Partner and Facebook Blueprint Certified Agency, we also enjoy Behind the Screens access with the major platforms to ensure every campaign we flight is fit-for-purpose.
  2. People. As good as algorithms are, ultimately its people who drive change, so we also work hard to ensure that we not only hire the best people, but that each person’s role is tailored uniquely according to their strengths. We don’t just use data for advertising, but also for team building and staff development. We make use of psychometric testing partners to ensure we are hiring those fit-for-purpose and can tailor each role to the individual. This way every team member, every day is able to do more of what they enjoy and have a natural talent for – end result being your accounts are driven forward daily at peak performance.
  3. Positioning. The reason we’re all here – to advertise the right message to the right person at the right time so that they take action. Getting to the right person at the right time is handled by purpose driven Platforms and People (above). The right message, however, is where most Brands fall short – the most common crime committed being Brands advertising their category instead of positioning themselves uniquely. Every impression paid for is an opportunity to position a Brand uniquely – to create a category of one in the mind of the consumer, where the advertised Brand is the only choice. The final key to fueling each and every click with purpose is uniquely better Positioning.



7 Reasons Why


1) 100% Fee-For-Service

With great power comes great responsibility

– Ben Parker

We are an independent, 100% Fee-For-Service agency. This has two direct benefits:

  1. Your Media Budget buys your Media and hides nothing. We don’t hide extra management profit inside your Media Fees nor do we accept commissions or rebates from any source, nor do we add any margins to your Media Spends nor do we operate Trading Desks. Where rebates or commissions are offered by publishers, we alert you and arrange to have those credited to your media buy.
  2. Unbiased Recommendations. Since we are an independent, Channel Agnostic agency that does not receive commissions, we have no obligation to spend on any one particular Channel over another nor do we have obligations towards ‘Group Companies’ to give preferential treatment. Our only obligation is to ensure the best results for your Brand.


2) Exclusive Behind the Screens Access

Don’t play what’s there, play what’s not there

– Miles Davis

As we are part of the Google Premier Partner program and Facebook Blueprint Agency Certification, our clients enjoy the ability to test new advertising features weeks, sometimes months before they are rolled out to the general public. At the same time, we also get access to exclusive Google and Facebook Industry and Competitor data as well as having their Melbourne team assigned to ensure our client accounts are moving forward.


3) One Thing Well

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you’ve hired an amateur

– Red Adair

We say ‘no’ to a lot of work, so we can protect our ‘yes’ to doing One Thing Well – driving your paid advertising forward. Further, since all we do all day every day is work on Paid Advertising, we can quickly pick up on patterns across industries and apply learnings to your account – you get the benefit of highly specialised, accelerated wisdom, gleaned cross-account, cross-industry. If our advertising doesn’t work – we don’t eat.

For all the work we don’t do, we entrust to our network of partner agencies who specialise in doing their ‘One Thing Well’: Analytics, Web Development, Landing Page Optimisation, SEO, Email Marketing etc. Every job is unique so when called upon, we can help pick the right team for your next project – even if some of the work falls outside our scope.


4) 7 years Evaluated Experience

There’s only one thing more painful than learning from experience: not learning from experience”

– Archibald MacLeish

Since we’ve seen almost all of it before, we get referred all the hard paid advertising problems that other full service agencies aren’t equipped to handle. Over the years, we’ve seen almost every digital mistake under the sun – some which we inherited, others we have caused and paid for. Not only have we learned (and changed) each time *and* kept our clients through such difficulties, but our relationships have grown stronger as a result.

For example, in the last 12 months for just one of our clients, we handled almost 5,000 individual digital assets flighted over multiple channels – each with different campaign criteria. With so many assets, its not a matter of ‘if’ a mistake will be made – but ‘how’. Over the years, we’ve honed our asset workflows to cope with such demands and we continue to learn and improve – whether that’s for internal agency checklists or client side playbooks. What’s important is how we work with our clients to resolve errors so they don’t become repeated mistakes. This particular client has been with us for over 5 years and continues to be a client and recommend our services to this day.

We’re happy to provide a reference to any Intentional client to hear about their real life experience working with us.


5) Hire an Ad Agency, not robots

If nobody notices your ad, everything else is academic

– Bill Bernbach

Funny that we have to say this, but in almost 8 years, going to multiple PPC conferences, workshops and marketing summits, there is almost no talk about the art of advertising. There is discussion about settings, algorithms and optimisation – but virtually nothing about copywriting, persuasion and human psychology.

Here at Intentional we use Digital Platforms, but we are in the advertising, not engineering business. We are here to ultimately reach and inspire people. We have to know the technology and algorithms intimately, but that’s the necessary foundation (not the solution) to create great advertising.


6) Be an Owner, not a Renter

If you have not been trustworthy with another’s property, who will give you property of your own?

– Jesus

We see ourselves as stewards of not just your advertising budget, but of your Brand and all associated assets. We don’t own your advertising accounts – you do. We merely look after them on behalf of you during the period you engage us. At all times you own the keys to all of your advertising accounts. At any point, you can login to (or at worst even disconnect us from) your accounts. We don’t buy into the accepted industry practise of ‘renting’ accounts to clients then using the contractual threat of locking you out of your account as an incentive for you to not to leave – we use something else as our incentive: trust.


7) Redeem Digital

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. Together they both now produce more light

– James Keller

For all the advancement that the internet brings the world, it is unfortunate that along with the good, also comes the bad. In our small way, we’re looking to Redeem Digital by directing 1% of all profit towards two very specific Not-For-Profit partners with different, but Digital Causes.

When was the last time you had no internet access for more than 24 hours? Now imagine living your life like this. Believe it or not, Digital Exclusion is the newest form of poverty. And our first partner, Opportunity International Australia – one of the global pioneers of the incredible microfinance movement – is now pioneering Digital Inclusion initiatives to empower micro-entrepreneurs in South East Asia to lead themselves out of poverty.

Our second partner is International Justice Mission who operate in the Asia Pacific region and have been instrumental in both freeing slaves trapped in Sex Trafficking and also in causing systematic change to enable laws to be enforced. Unfortunately, a significant portion of the demand side comes from Australia – so our neighbours are paying the price to fix the problems we are causing.

As you can see, the need is great, so we challenge all Digital Advertisers to commit 1% of all Ad Spend towards any cause that would Redeem Digital – including those by Opportunity International and International Justice Mission.


All of us who professionally use the media are shapers of society. We can vulgarise that society. Or we can help lift it to a higher level

– Bill Bernbach



Our logo is a stylised uppercase ‘Delta’ symbol.

Delta is the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet but is also the mathematical symbol for change, or more symbolically for us, difference. We see this as a symbol of both the unique difference your Brand can make to this world and the difference we make working together.

The triangular shape of the Delta symbol is also the reason River Deltas are so named. River Deltas are formed at the point where rivers enter larger bodies of water and deposit nutrient rich sediment, often becoming important agricultural production and population centers – an apt metaphor for the difference we wish to make in the journey of our clients.

Finally, the treatment applied to our stylised Delta is intended to hark back to the Post-War Mid Century Modern period that saw an explosion of creativity and exuberance towards technology and the future – the same way we feel about the time we are living in right now.




We currently have a position open for  Google & Facebook Paid Advertising Specialists

Together with hiring Account Manager or Director