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2024 is a tough year. Tougher than many we’ve faced since starting our agency in 2011.


Thanks for visiting our digital marketing agency. My name is Chris Fraser, Co-Founder and CEO of Intentional.


The landscape of digital marketing is shifting beneath our feet. AI is changing the game. Economic challenges are squeezing budgets. Consumer spending is down. And if you’re anything like our clients, the relentless pressure to stay on top of every area of marketing is overwhelming.


You’re expected to know it all, to adapt to every change, and to deliver results despite the odds. I get it. The struggle is real.


But here’s the thing: you don’t have to feel alone.


At Intentional, we’ve weathered the storms of this industry for over 13 years. Our approach doesn’t make your growth problems disappear overnight. But our track record shows we have the expertise and the resilience to guide you through these challenges.


We help you tell your story. We help you achieve your performance metrics. Together, we can turn these tough times into opportunities for growth and success.


I look forward to meeting with you soon.


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Discovery Call

Complete a no-obligation and free 45min call to check if we are the right fit for you.

After this call we complete a topline audit and supply your Growth Plan.

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Get a Blueprint

Like the Growth Plan? We move forward to the first paid engagement; our Blueprint Strategy takes a wholistic view of your ad account, creative & website. At this point you can choose our done-for-you packages or implement yourself.

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And away we go!
Over the next 90 days of implementation, we guarantee that you’ll increase your digital advertising ROI.

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In these first months, we pull our learnings and analyse the data so we can take this thing up a notch.

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Now that we’re firing on all cylinders, we continue our test + learn methodology, feed the winners and starve the losers.

For all the good that digital has brought to our agency, we are aware of the bad it has caused too. We play a small part in partnering with our clients to help redeem digital by donating 1% of Revenue to help fight OSEC.



Plus we are a proud B-Corp as we stake our claim that we can do better in our world to lead our people and leave our environment in a better place for future generations

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