Thankyou Chapter One

Case Study: Thankyou

The Challenge

Thankyou enlisted Intentional to help them with the launch of Chapter One; a story of epic proportions. With a sales target of epic proportions!

1) In 28 Days, Thankyou wanted to crowdfund $1.2 million for a book that asked consumers to pay what they want.

2) Thankyou wanted to engage existing customers and reach new fans of the cause through the promotion of Chapter One

3) The Facebook spend was to be the only paid advertising element of the campaign. All other media would be a result of earned activities through TV & online (with the Thankyou team staying in the warehouse packing books until the target was reached)

Chapter One reached its $1.2 million target sales hurdle in 28 days!


Thankyou has a highly engaged social audience, with over 200,000 Fans liking their Facebook page.

We set out to seed campaign videos to the Liker audiences first, to generate engagement before sharing with Lookalikes, Website Visitors and higher up the funnel Interest targeting (i.e Small Business, Start up, Charities, Technology platforms like Shopify, Xero) & also using Behavioural targeting on those who are working in Corporate roles.

1) Seed out initial launch content to Likers to increase engagement

2) Those who engaged with the Video were directed to the Thankyou Chapter One landing page where you could pay what you want or download the first chapter for free

3) Continually uploaded Customer Lists from Free Download & Purchases to refresh our Custom Audiences & Lookalikes that drove additional value


We absolutely love working with Intentional! We are so thankful for the work they’ve done to set up our digital advertising strategy.

– Rebecca Chua, Senior Marketing Manager



The campaign reached its target $1.2 million sales rate within 28 days!

1) Facebook advertising Reached over 1 million Aussies

2) 350,000 of those engaged with our ads or campaign video

3) An estimated $150,000 worth of sales was a direct result of Facebook advertising

4) With a further $50,000 assisting in the sales funnel

5) Continuing our ‘Epic’ theme the video asset used for Awareness, was a whopping 7:40mins! Breaking all the rules, we had over 12,000 people watch more than 1 minute. With 8000 of those watching 95%!