The Challenge

LE ROSE is an online retailer, specialising in robes and gifts for brides and bridesmaids.

After rapid organic growth via Etsy and Instagram, they were looking to transition to a scalable model with Intentional. While maintaining their existing presence particular on Etsy, where a majority of sales come from.

While purchasing Brand was important we needed to ensure we were not simply transferring value from 1 channel to another:

1) Create a scalable structure for growth via Adwords

2) Maintain sales from Etsy

3) Separate out performance and budgets for Brand vs Unbranded campaigns


In a season of rapid growth, we needed an agency that could listen & action our unique brief. Being new to Adwords it was incredible to have Intentional respond and explain the strategy & structure in a simple way. But more than that, deliver on their promise to help scale our business through advertising without sacrificing organic sales

– Kristy Breed, Owner, LE ROSE


Strategy & Results

In the years we have been working with LE ROSE, we’ve been really proud to see their brand and sales grow month on month.

We successfully implemented a buying strategy, naming convention and reporting format to ensure the clear differential between sales from Brand searches and Category keywords.

This structure enables us to manage budgets at a keyword level to maximise performance and help scale their Adwords, while maintaining organic & Etsy sales.

1) Scalable structure that has been replicated in Australia & USA markets

2) Brand budgets protected to deliver a 50x ROAS

3) Clear differentiated performance metrics for Category keywords, which still average a 10x ROAS