A few years ago, one of my favourite feature length documentaries was released.

Called “Art & Copy“, this documentary walked us through some of the most iconic advertising of the past few decades – revealing how revolutionary it was for both the Artist and Copywriter to come together creatively to influence and persuade our thinking.

Google have now crystallised this insight, for a new generation.

The revolution of Art & Copy coming together in the late 50s and early 60’s is today being redefined as the coming together of Art, Copy & Code.

The new frontiers of marketing and advertising will only be forged with creative collaboration of artist, copywriter and coder.

Links: Art, Copy & Code website (& be sure to watch the 5 min film)

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Not many people know this but the word ‘Crisis’ in Chinese is actually made up of 2 characters, one means Danger and the other means opportunity.

Although we are going through this crisis, this current situation can force us to come up with better and more efficient processes, internal collaborations and better leaderships.

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