How much of your job depends on following a system – established rules & processes?

Success in the Industrial Economy relied on this – we needed precise rules and processes to remove human variation so that we could consistently make widgets at scale.

But what happens when we are no longer widget workers but knowledge workers?

What happens when our medium goes from the physical to the intangible (digital)?

What happens when scaling up, is no longer slow, hard, expensive, local and limited to the few; but is instant, easy, free, global and available to everyone?

Earlier this year, public radio station NPR published its research: ‘Will your job be done by a machine?‘.

Counter-intuitively, the most likely job in the world to be automated, was a job one would think would be impossible to automate – telemarketing.

What happens when software can follow rules and processes better than we ever could?

If the goal of your marketing is to come up with reliable, predictable, consistent systems, processes and automation – well, one day a machine will be doing your job.

In our Connection Economy, don’t do the job that can be done by machines.

Where we need you isn’t to remove human variation – but to celebrate it.

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