Curiously, while doing Adwords marketing for certain clients, we get to see what the market is searching for on other platforms.

In the social media space, a classic example is where we see (and have to negative) an un-ending stream of queries around:

  • How to buy fans
  • Apps that get followers
  • Tricks to get fans
  • Instant followers
  • Followers hacks, etc, etc

Even if you could find an answer to any of these types of queries, they are all doomed-to-fail examples of Gaming the System.

Firstly, since the algorithms behind Google, Facebook & most other online platforms (now even Twitter) measure engagement (how many click vs how many see your message), having more ‘gamed’ fans actually ruins your brand incrementally over time.

Secondly, the highly actionable marketing insights you can gain about your fanbase is becoming so good – you don’t want to pollute this valuable data with ‘gamed’ fans. (See Google Analytics’ recently introduced Audience Reports and the unbelievable Facebook Audience Insights).

You can’t buy love.

But you can become love.

Happy Valentines Day.

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