Extra bonus

Extra bonus

Everyone loves those little extra bonuses in life. Free upgrades, surprise gifts or unexpected perks put a smile on our face.

When it comes to digital advertising we like to structure our accounts to ensure we can deliver those extra bonuses 🙂

Search Network:

At the base of the funnel, ads on the search network are in response to the highest intent from a potential customer/fan. They are purposefully searching for your brand, competitor or category keywords.

The primary goal of Search Network (Adwords) is to siphon this activity to your website and have the fan complete a set of pre-determined goals for your business.

The extra bonus is understanding when a fan has an intent to look for your brand, competitor or category research – what actions do they take on your site.

What are they looking for? What do they need? What are you doing well? What are you not doing well or missing?

Combining the keyword results with analytics data can help you map out what’s working and what needs some work.

This essentially means for the same advertising dollars you use to deliver conversions can be used to plan, test and review website updates with real people in real time.


The other channel offering extra bonuses is Facebook. Where Adwords provides real time product research, Facebook can provide consumer research that used to costs thousands of additional dollars to produce.

Because we understand that not all likers are the same. We structure our Facebook Funnel to look for the highest value likers, using Custom & Lookalike Audiences to separate this out.

Is someone on your email list more valuable than a website visitor? Is a Liker more valuable than a Friend of a Liker?

What states, age group or gender respond best to your videos? Or your new product launch. Who is most engaged?

So while the focus of the advertising dollars is still to produce the most conversions for the least cost. Because of the structure and reporting available in Facebook, we can learn some fascinating detail about your audience and the people around them. (without spending any more)

Make sure you invest the time to structure your accounts correctly. It will pay off multiple times over with these and other extra bonuses.


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