My first paid online marketing role was as a blogger tasked with learning Search Engine Optimisation, SEO. Almost 10 years ago now, this was a relatively simple task as there were several niches with no competition and the Google Search algorithm was relatively simple. There were several technical hacks I could employ which would mean I could get my sites and articles ranked between 1 and 3 within a week.

This was all well and good, until the competition started catching up with their SEO and Google started accelerating the rate of their algorithm updates, effectively nullifying my work or at the least making it very difficult.

The same doomed, cycle kept repeating itself again and again with hacks I learned right across the online marketing spectrum – Copywriting, Facebook feed hacks, Affiliate Marketing, Email Optin/Squeeze Pages, Landing Page Optimisation.

Technical hacks, tips and tricks are short arbitrage windows of opportunity to game the system.

But Gaming the System isn’t marketing.

What if Google’s SEO or Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm stopped listing your brand? What if your emails were now filtered out of your customer’s inbox?

If you’re going to spend thousands on marketing, rather than using it to game the system, spend it creating something that matters so much to a vital few that they can’t help but talk about it to all their friends.

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