For brands trading in physical goods, the idea of giving away something digital still feels very much like giving away something physical.

We still count the cost of our time to create this thing, and our time is valuable, so when we give it away, we feel the love, sweat and tears we put into it.

But this feeling is actually a carryover from an Industrial Age mindset.

In this scarcity context, when we give something away physically, its gone.

But in the abundance context online, when we give something away digitally, we can keep giving it away – whether to one person or to one million.

And this is a new benefit we’re not used to feeling.

In the Connection Economy, digital generosity is currency.

How much would you have to give away digitally to your customers to make you uncomfortable?

That’s probably a great place to start.

ps. If your trade *is* digital goods, of course don’t give those away… but what else could you give away digitally?

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