Meet Perry Marshall in Hong Kong

Who is Perry Marshall and how has he influenced your adwords?

If you’ve spent any time researching or performancing your adwords account, no doubt, you’ll have come across the name, Perry Marshall.

For the last 10 years Perry Marshall has been the leading authority in the world on Google Adwords – featured in Fast Company, USA Today, The Washington Post and Entrepreneur Magazine among others.

He was there when Adwords launched, way back in 2001.

Over the years he has seen a lot of changes – and coached consultants all over the world through how best to take advantage of each new change and new feature that Google introduces, so that our client’s accounts stay ahead of the pack in an increasingly competitive field.

If you’ve spent any time on the internet – you would have either seen (and clicked on) a Perry Marshall Google ad, or you would have seen (and clicked on) an ad that has been influenced by consultants who have been trained by Perry Marshall.

This week, I am going to Hong Kong to meet Perry Marshall.

And your Adwords account will be all the better for it.

More to come…

Next stop: Hong Kong!

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