Human Service

Years ago, petrol stations in Australia removed personal service – today filling up your own tank is normal.

Coles & Woolies are also well on their way to removing check out staff, replacing them with self-service stations.

Unsurprisingly, McDonalds has also been busy installing new self service touch screens that replace the need for counter staff (conveniently coinciding with the Create Your Taste menu launch).

The more that we become trained to accept self-service, the more that unexpected, fantastic Customer Service will stand out.

Simple supply and demand.

After years of backpacking and flying budget, the first time I flew full service again was an epiphany. To be greeted by genuinely friendly staff who offered me a choice of magazines and newspapers before I even boarded the plane was like a shock to the system. Likewise was the choice of in flight entertainment & comforts, quality meals and bottomless drinks that was all included in the price. After having been trained by no/low service alternatives for so long, I almost felt guilty, like I was ‘taking advantage’ of them?

Customer Service isn’t a commodity – something that’s a given, that you simply ‘have to’ offer.

Especially in today’s Connection Economy, outrageous, unexpected Customer Service is your human advantage over ever increasing, impersonal, automated, self-service alternatives.

ps. Where we see value, you can charge a premium.

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