Recently I was lucky enough to hear Paull Young of Charity Water speak at a Thankyou Group industry night.

Similar to Thankyou, US based Charity Water sells bottled water with 100% of proceeds going towards funding water wells in developing nations… all with zero ad spend.

So what’s their secret?

There were so many incredible lessons that Paull shared regarding Charity Water’s journey over the years, but perhaps the closing comment summed up their ‘secret’ best.

In discussing all the possibilities available with digital, Paull challenged the Thankyou team (& all of us) that “if someone were to tell you that they only posted about themselves 20% of the time and posted about you 80% of the time, if they made sure they posted during peak engagement times, etc… you would likely not be friends with that person for very long”.

Yes, be professional and do things well.

But above all, be human 🙂

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