“… within a group of talented people, what separated the best from the rest was how long and how intently they worked” –
– David Epstein

Every decision to fit something new in your life/business is a decision to squeeze something else out.

Malcolm Gladwell made famous the 10,000 Hour Rule – the minimum time it takes to master anything.

From an online marketing point of view, Mastery is everything because the algorithms that surface the content we see (Google and Facebook today, company x tomorrow) are engineered to promote Mastery and demote average.

Lets say on average, you work 40 hours per week or 2080 hours per year – you’re looking at roughly 5 years to gain your 10,000 hours to Mastery.

Now say you add another activity/talent/gift that you need to split your time for… becoming Master of both gifts/talents now pushes you out to 10 years.

And then you discover the latest bright, shiny, new object that you also want to chase… splitting your time 3 ways now pushes Mastery out to 15 years.

If you want your work to surface, you need to be ruthless in guarding your work time to be devoted *only* to your personal & business strengths – and delegate everything else.

The algorithms have already decided – they won’t settle for you being above average at 2 things, or worse still, average at 3 things.

Only do what only you can do.

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