“Prioritise: To decide the order of importance of items or tasks” – Oxford Dictionary

Facebook is offering users the opportunity to prioritise which friends’ or brands’ posts they would like to see at the top of their news feed.

Let’s consider a standard radio button survey. Be honest, where would your followers rank you in their lives vs all of their friends, family and other brands?

  • Most Important (Priority 1)
  • Very Important (Priority 2)
  • Sometimes Important (Priority 3)
  • Rarely Important (Priority 4)
  • Not Important (Priority 5)

Unless you rank as Priority 1 or 2, Facebook will now stack the cards against you.

Chances are today you may have an incredible fanbase available in your networks: 1k, 10k or 100k+ followers, subscribers or customers. As in life, you can’t please everyone, so your goal shouldn’t be how best to reach them all.

Instead, discover who would prioritise you.

Then dedicate your time to delighting them over and over again.

As the algorithms continue to be refined for the connection economy, the brands that will win over the long term are those who deliver the best, for the least, for the most.

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