Recently I had an unusual choice to make.

I was in an unfamiliar part of town and needed a coffee and there were two cafes next to each other I could choose from: a Beanhunter top rated cafe or an unrated, Not-For-Profit cafe.

I had heard of the NFP before and believed in their cause so I decided to grab my coffee from there.

Sympathy instead of Excellence

Unfortunately, the coffee was terrible.

As much as I believe in the cause, faced with the same decision in the future (or if asked by friends), I would not recommend the NFP cafe again – at least for coffee.

Counting on sympathy alone is not a viable business model for NFPs today.

In today’s Connection Economy, consumers are all now presented with (and are used to having) the best the world has to offer us at the touch of a smartphone.

Excellence is now assumed.

Excellence is certainly not optional.

Sympathy will get us in the door (by all means, draw on our heartstrings for your cause), but without excellence, won’t keep us.

Sympathy and Excellence

The positive takeaway here is if we can experience excellence *and* know its for a good cause, we would be prepared to pay a premium.

The same principle applies to NFPs – create the *Best* for the Least for the Most.

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