The FitBit Syndrome

Don’t measure what you won’t change

– Avinash Kaushik

The other day my mum, the queen of random, asked me “Do I need a Fitbit? Everyone’s got one…”

I began looking around and noticing that she was right, the tipping point of wearable tech has happened. Thousands upon thousands of people collecting data, daily, on how many steps (or swings of their arm) they are taking.

We live in an age where there is a dizzying amount of data available to us – certainly as digital marketers, but now even as individuals.

We collect data because we can, and even because it’s cool.

But most likely because “everyone’s got one”.

The question now is – what do we do with this data?

Out of all of the FitBit owners I asked, only one could articulate how they used the data – linking it to a calorie counter app that helps them accurately measure their daily calorie intake to help with weight management.

The rest… just liked to know how many steps they took each day. They didn’t understand what an increase or decrease in steps meant for their overall health, nor did they use the data to change anything in their behaviour.

Its a wasted opportunity when we hero the device and/or the data and not the results.

And the same thing happens in online marketing.

If you’re going to collect data, use it to consistently change your behaviour.

Making this commitment upfront then raises questions worth answering:

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