Two roads diverged in a wood,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference
– Robert Frost

It happens to everyone.

That moment of decision.

When you can either choose to stay safe and remain where you are (and who you are), or where you can jump headfirst into the unknown and risk seemingly everything.

This is The Leap.

The truth is that no one who pursues their Calling ever makes just one leap.

Sure, the first leap may be the scariest, but its only the first.

This is the leap that once made, prepares you, expands you, enables you, positions you to make the second which then sets you up for the third and so on.

No first leap. No second.

The Leap is less about the actual situation itself, but about the faith that if you can take one leap, you can take another.

Opportunities to Leap will always present themselves, but the longer you postpone leaping, the harder it becomes.

Leap early.

Keep leaping.

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