Even if you have 500 friends on Facebook, you don’t see every post from every one of them.

Why not?

Underpinning Facebook is the EdgeRank algorithm that learns who you have interactions with, then filters your newsfeed so you only see posts from people you actually care about.

On top of that, notice the type of content that you see from your friends.

Rarely is it posts about what the cat ate for lunch, but nearly always what surfaces to the top is now usually something that’s newsworthy, extraordinary, funny, noteworthy, unexpected.

What’s happening here?

The algorithms (Facebook, Google, advertising) skew what gets shared and seen to favour Purple Cows.

This is bad news for Industrial Age businesses who deliver the same old, same old, day in, day out. Such businesses are (right now) being penalised for being unremarkable – and will eventually be skewed out of the algorithms altogether, never to be seen in anyone’s news feed or Google search.

The Connection Economy today, rewards businesses who are Artists – content creators that continually inspire, risk, break the mould, challenge convention, deliver the unexpected.

Now Artists Will Rule the World.

The algorithms have spoken.

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